Monday, February 28, 2011

They Demolished Our Green Lung

     10 years ago, when my family and I moved into a new house, the housing area was so peaceful. My house was surrounded with green bushes. I still can remember the sound of birds' singing in the morning from the nearby. From the east and north direction of my housing area, sometimes we found tortoise walking, lizard crawling, a few other primates and monkeys jumping out from the bushes. Squirrel jumping from one to another trees.

     A few years later, we began to hear noise from heavy machines cutting down the trees and took away all the green sceneries from us. The contractors began developing housing projects. Many terrace houses and bungalow lots were developed. When the houses are occupied, the roads nearby become very busy with traffics. Recently, the bushes on the north were cut down. The developers began developing multi stories flat, near our neighborhood. The neighborhood are not comfortable with the dust exposed from the developing area. Furthermore, the noise created from the site was very irritating.
     We will never see tortoise, lizards, monkeys in the future unless we go to the zoo. There is no more birds' singing every morning. We cannot even hear dogs' barking every night. Squirrel and earth rats come to our house looking for food.
     During the dry season in June and July, the atmosphere is full with dust and haze. Every-life become so unhealthy with haze. My youngest brothers and sisters unable go out for jogging or cycling because of the unhealthy air.