Thursday, November 11, 2010

My new breath~

Hi world ;) 

I'm very new here. Honestly, I'm not really good in English but I'll try my very-very best to do so insyaAllah :) Okay, let get the blog started. From now onwards, I wanna let all the difficulties that I've been trough before as my strength to be a good person, same goes to my post title stated above :)

As a student in an Islamic university, of course I've aiming a lot for success but I always failed to get the best. I believe that it is hard to get succeed unless we pool so many efforts on it. It's true that sometimes I feel really upset when I didn't get the best result in exams, but I never give up. God is always there. 

Robert Browning says 'A minute's success pays the failure of years'

When I can't understand or even can't go on with something that I learned, I always remember one of my Lecturer of Maths I, Madam Husnamaria's advice- take everything difficult.