Thursday, April 28, 2011


Salam friends. I attracted to one of the articles in my school magazine written by a student - BEAUTY TIPS which everybody must follow in lives. Jom praktikkan! =)

  • Bedakkanlah wajahmu dengan air wuduk nescaya wajahmu akan bercahaya di akhirat.
  • Pakaikan lipstik kejujuran pada bibirmu agar kamu sentiasa jujur dalam percakapan.
  • Gunakanlah pemerah pipi dan kosmetik yg terhasil dari rasa malu yg hanya berada di salun keimanan kerana malu adalah sebahagian daripada iman.
  • Lakarkan matamu dengan celak yg menghindari diri daripada kemaksiatan kerana mata merupakan akar dari segala perkara.
  • Rawatilah rambutmu dengan selendang Islami yg akan menghilangkan kelemumur daripada pandangan lelaki yg membahayakan.
  • Sebaik-baiknya kalunglah dirimu dengan kalung dengan kalung kesucian yg sentiasa menerangi hidupmu.
  • Hiasilah kedua-dua tanganmu dengan gelang tawaduk dan jari-jemarimu dengan cincin ukhwah.
  • Pakailah sabun istighfar yg menghapuskan segala dosa dan kesalahan yg dilakukan.
  • Hiasilah kukumu dengan inai semulajadi ciptaan yg Maha Esa.
  • Peliharalah anggota badanmu dengan fabrik keanggunan Islam. Sesungguhnya orang yg menutup aurat itu terhindar daripada segala fitnah.
  • Sarunglah kakimu dengan sepatu yg sesuai agar mudah untukmu berjalan di atas jalan yg diredhai-Nya.
  • Tenangilah hatimu dengan ayat suci al-Quran nescaya hilang noda-noda hitam yg mengaburi nalurimu.

Amalkanlah tip-tip yg diberikan ini agar kita akan sentiasa tampak cantik dan berseri di sisi Allah SWT. 

Sesungguhnya wanita itu adalah hiasan dunia, dan seindah-indah hiasan adalah wanita solehah.

So sweet =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Alhamdulillah and yeyyy I'm finally done with my exams. Ehh hold on. It's not about my final examinations but MUET. Thanks MUET for treating me nicely today. For my Reading paper, the last passage was quite complicated that I couldn't answer confidently.

Then as for the Writing paper, there were two parts that need to be attempted. The part 1 was a summary which was quite confusing and the Part 2 was an essay of agreement. The topic was;

"The most valuable thing in life is friendship". Do you agree? 

that I should write at least 350 words. I didn't count my words so I just assumed that my writing was over than the 'at least'. Well the topic was really impressed me. Smiled and say ''NO I don't think that friendship is the most valuable thing in life.....'' But friends, this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate friendship. It's about facts. I disagreed because as for me, PARENTS are the most valuable thing in life. Parents are forever is our source of help because parents are the best teachers/role model for us. The main reasons are they can love and support us through thick and thin, they can always pray the best for our future undertakings, and many more else which in another word is parents are the best shoulder to cry on ^_^

As for the Listening paper, it was okay Alhamdulillah, I can hear the speaker clearly. InsyaAllah hoping for the best as the mark have to be added with the other papers; S W R :'(

Finally, a happy stoliemolie :P  I just met a new friend; whos so really kind and sweet. I can't wait for her to get online and approve my friend request! By the way, she is 24 y/o and just engaged. She planned to get married on this coming 11/11/11, such cool and awesome date isn't it :)

Anyway, congratulations to you both and much happiness on your wedding day. May your love shine warmly forever. Wishing you the best and may it will last forever and ever, Amin ya Rabb :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Missing you, Mr. N

Its been such a longlong time since I met him. If he is reading, Hi! and how are you getting on? Great to hear from you again. Hmm. Hoping that you will always be fine. I miss the moment we shared together. You taught me lots on how to move on and never give up when feeling so really down. You made me realize on how is life really all about. Those made my love towards you becomes stronger by day to day and missing you deeply. You're such a great lifesaver for the rest of my life after The Greatest One, ALLAH. If I never met you, I don't truly know what I'm going to be! You help me out in furthering my lives onwards to become a successful muslimah, insyaAllah.

*such an emo post ever*


The Mr. N


Well I just gave a special name for Nilai because Nilai is just so special. Wont forget you, Mr. N!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hope of Loving

I love searching poems from web since I was thirteen. When I am attracted to one of the great poems, I used to write them in my diary. This is from Daniel Ladinsky .

What keeps us alive?
What allows us to endure?

I think it is The Hope of Loving, or being loved.

I heard a fable once about the sun going on a journey to find its source, and how the moon wept without her lover's warm gaze. We weep when light does not reach our hearts. We wither like fields if someone close does not rain their kindness upon us.