Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is he My Lecturer or My Dad?

It was a sad news that my caring lecturer, Madam Nur Azian will be no longer teaching my class before we met the last chapter which is Integration. I was totally happy and enjoy learning Maths with her before. I could not even imagine how am I going to comfort myself with a new situation, learning Maths with a new lecturer.

On 25th Jan, a new lecturer started to teach me name Sir Abdul Razak, the Deputy Dean in CFS who is so knowledgeable. Well, a story begins. It was 11am and he is in the class already. It shows that he is a punctual person. I admit it.

I felt worried because I came late to the class.  For the first time I came late in this semester! Such a bad attitude of me. I gave salam and say sorry to be late. Oh, there were many students didn't come yet. What ashamed was many brothers were coming late to the class but he acted really calm about it. 

I was told that he just came back from doing Hajj. However, I love the way he teaches Maths. Alhamdulillah, I can cope what he taught. He is a good lecturer anyway =)

What am I trying to focus on this story is that he looks just like my Dad.  The way he speaks, the way he walks, the way he writes, the way he making jokes, the way he laughs,  the way he thinks, the way he introduces himself are just the same. His skin, and wearing glasses just like my Dad. 

Suddenly when he was explaining one question from a workbook, tears came to my eyes. My heart was so gloomy. He reminds me of my Dad. I miss my Dad so much. I ring my Dad right after the class finished and telling about this. Then my Dad said just assume the lecturer is Dad then I can be more focus on studies, InsyaAllah. Hehe, Daddy was so funny =')